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Complete Tender Management

for Humanitarian Organisations


Source and Tender  —  Evaluate and Award  —  All from one platform

•  Improves efficiency by reducing tender cycle times by up to 70%.

•  Increases spend visibility and governance of sourcing activity.

•  Enhances transparency, accountability and audit-ability.

•  Improves competitiveness through wider geographic reach

•  Informed decision-making for management and users.

•  Frees the time of procurement professionals for other

    value-adding activities.

•  Anti-corruption measures

•  Value savings

•  Improves supplier performance.

•  Promotes fairness and equal opportunities for suppliers.


3. Visibility - Understanding what is in the pipeline, what has been ordered and what needs to be procured are fundamental objectives of a procurement system. An automated procurement solution provides answers to these basic questions that result in substantial savings.

eSourcing is a business tool for organisations and their suppliers


Electronic Sourcing is a highly transparent, accountable and faster way of running procurement tenders and conducting negotiations. As a cloud based service it ensures smooth and clear communication between all parties, and therefore is a more impartial and objective business tool for organisations as well as suppliers.

Why automate?


1. Effective electronic tender management has been acknowledged as the driver of competitive advantage in the private sector for the past 15 years. Yet it is only over the past two years that the humanitarian sector has begun to adopt and adapt procurement disciplines to drive efficiencies and value in the procurement and management of aid related products for development and emergency situations.


2. An automated procurement process when supported by robust business processes provides the following benefits to humanitarian organisations active in development and emergency relief projects;



Who we are

A veteran of the humanitarian procurement and logistics landscape

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The software´s service platform is ISO 27 001 certified for all business processes

A veteran of the humani-tarian procurement and logistics landscape


A veteran of the humanitarian procurement and logistics landscape founded global eSourcing Pty Ltd (GeS) in 2012.


The company now consists of a strong experienced team with expertise in humanitarian emergency and development operations around the globe with UN agencies and INGO’s.

We aim to improve the way humanitarian organisations source and negotiate for goods, works and services around the world to maximise the impact of foreign aid and enhance the quality and quantity of assistance to those that need it.


Fraud linked to procurement is one of the greatest challenges faced by humanitarian and development organisations. Millions of dollars each year are lost because of weak and unaccountable systems. Global eSourcing helps partners ensure that more money, time and energy go to the people who need it most with visibility and transparency throughout the complete tender process.


In partnership with EU Supply we offer an all-inclusive eSourcing solution by providing spend analysis, opportunity assessments, supplier sourcing and on-boarding, tender management, e-auctions and post tender evaluation and a contract management tool to the organisations via a non-profit partnership initiative.


Our vast knowledge and experience of working within the humanitarian world, unique partnership initiative, flexible eSourcing tool and wide range of support offerings is what makes us a bit different.

Our Partner is one of Europe´s leading providers


Our partner EU-Supply, is one of Europe's leading providers of electronic tender management and contract management solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS).


The company has 40 employees full time and has its own organization and local support teams in Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden, while it has distributors and operators in an additional 8 EU Member States.


EU Supply has extensive ISMS / QMS management systems:


•  Information Security Management System (ISMS), certified to ISO 27001:2005 for all business processes (and IMPACT LEVEL 3 certified for the UK business)

•  Quality Management System (QMS), based on ISO 9001:2008

•  Service Management System (SMS), based on ISO 20 000


EU-supply was founded in 1999, and since then had as core business to develop and deliver a system and associated services for tendering, supply chain management and contract management- EUS core focus has been on engineering and the public sector within the EU since 1999. Support for other sectors have been added over time.


Web: EU Supply

Who we are


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Yearly Tenders



This proven online solution makes the tendering process easier for both buyers and suppliers and covers the entire tender process. Global eSourcing’s CTM solution further enhances transparency, improves the audit trail, promotes fairness, enables best value for money evaluation and ensures the efficiency of the tender process.


CTM is a proven platform available as fully hosted “Software as a Service” with users only requiring browser and internet connection for use. This means that all communication in connection with tenders is 100% electronic when it comes to:

• Publication of notice and tender documents

• Questions / Answers regarding tenders

• Bid Submission

• Tender evaluation

• Bid award & contract


The portal is operational in over 12 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.


International organisation's today are faced with substantial shifts in the way humanitarian procurement is conducted due to the need to improve transparency and efficiency. Organisations are increasingly tackling complex and overlapping problems in procurement. Yet finding the right balance between being effective in procurement, being responsive to beneficiaries and being accountable to donors is getting more problematic.


We aim at assisting humanitarian organisations to better respond to procurement requirements during both emergencies and development operations, without compromising on compliance, efficiency, accountability and transparency.

The electronic platform improves the exchange of information, process and documentation of the entire procurement process compared to the traditional ‘paper supply’ and enables auditing and traceability throughout the process including tracking changes and decisions.


Advantages (Buyer)

•  Increased compliance with donor requirements.

•  Decrease in tender and procurement related fraud.

•  Reduction in tender cycle time up to 70% through the use of sourcing         automation.

•  Better spend visibility and contract overview.

•  Value savings through added supplier competition.

•  Cost-effective framework agreements based on better planning.

•  Improves compliance and accuracy throughout the tendering, quotation     and contract process via an integrated checklist operating to comply         with organizational thresholds.

•  Increases transparency, traceability and audit-ability of the procurement     process.

•  Enhances control of exchange and management of information.

•  A wider geographic reach and creation of new supplier markets.

•  Web-based for easy access to information and work – anytime,                   anywhere.

•  Own Organizational logo branded web portal with customized templates     and procedures as per organizational requirements.


Benefits (Supplier)

•  Equal opportunities for all bidding suppliers.

•  Reduces cost due to improved efficiency and effectiveness in the               process.

•  Guarantee that negotiation take place within a transparent environment.

•  Faster evaluation process.

•  Clearly defined requirements and specification.

•  Provided a simple format for submitting bid and data online.

•  Ability to compete for global business.

•  Competitive pricing information.

Our Complete Tender Management (CTM) is one of Europe's leading electronic procurement solutions


Our Complete Tender Management (CTM) is one of Europe's leading electronic procurement solutions, with a focus on tender management, sourcing and contract management and is currently used by over 6500 organisations across Europe and it is the ‘National System’ in four (4) countries; the UK, Lithuania, Norway and Ireland and it is used extensively in other EU Member States, e.g. Denmark, France, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands and Spain.


The CTM platform has been in use in Europe since 1999 and the solution is probably Europe's most flexible solution allowing bespoke configuration to organisations needs without programming. It also allows multiple configurations in a hierarchical model to cater for different sector needs (global, regional & country) and differences in needs by individual organisations, agencies, and authorities.


We assist humanitarian organisations through our non-profit partner initiative



We partner with organisations to help address their procurement challenges through our technological expertise and operational knowledge of complex humanitarian and development operations and procurement procedures. Our Complete Tender Management (CTM) system is tailored specifically for humanitarian organisations to support the automation of manual procurement processes.


Through out innovative non-profit partner initiative we provide a free, comprehensive, electronic sourcing tool to international humanitarian and development organisations, donors, UN agencies and government bodies, via an online procurement and sourcing portal, configured and branded to each organisation’s requirements.

Global eSourcing provides an electronic sourcing tool to humanitarian and development organisations


Global eSourcing provides a comprehensive electronic sourcing tool to international humanitarian and development organisations, donors, UN agencies and government bodies via an online procurement and sourcing portal configured and branded to each organisation’s requirements.

The Complete Tender Management tool (CTM) is designed to streamline the procurement process based on organisational requirements and providing a transparent and auditable process from tender submission through to awarding of a contract. Therefore radically reducing the risk of fraud and corruption, saving time and money, and ensuring best possible value for money for user organisations.


CTM is designed to be configurable to the organisations templates and procurement policies and procedures including semantics or terminology. The configurable setup of the process supports approval/authentication procedures and enables management of tasks across units/countries or field/HQ. The CTM tool will also create a centrally managed standardised procurement process in your organisation providing;

•  Centralise access to procurement data to promote informed decisions

•  Drive adoption of consistent procurement best practices across the            organisation

•  Easy tracking of spending and compliance with procurement policy

•  Shorten the time to buy goods, services and works

•  Ensure healthy supplier competition to meet quality and price objectives


The CTM tool also helps strengthen sourcing of suppliers and contract management where traditional procurement methods are often hugely inefficient and rarely deliver the best outcome for the organisation looking to source the right supplier and receive the best value. Global eSourcing helps to eradicate these inefficiencies in line with increasing compliance, accountability and ensuring compliance with donor regulations in the process.


What we do


An automated procurement process when supported by robust business processes ensures humanitarian organisations active in development and emergency relief projects are compliant with donor regulations


Transparency and fairness involves organisations taking steps to enable appropriate scrutiny of their procurement activity through the use of eSourcing


eSourcing is designed to streamline the procurement process based on organisational requirements and providing a transparent and auditable process from tender submission through to awarding of a contract

Provide your procurement team with the best tools


Provide your procurement team with the best tools for strategic sourcing to ensure compliance, drive process efficiency and cost savings throughout the organisation by implementing our integrated electronic procurement system for supplier management, e-sourcing, e-auction and contract management.


The CTM eSourcing platform is an easy-to-use, cost free and customisable software-as-a-service solution used by small and large organisations within the public, commercial and humanitarian world.

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Michael Hasselstroem

Managing Director



Additional information:






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The software’s service platform is ISO 27 001 certified for all business processes


•  All support and hosting staff with any access are included

    in the security scope.

•  Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Risk Profile agreed with

    HM Treasury security accreditors in accordance with HMG IA standards     and aligned to requirements specific to eTendering system and services     with significant aggregation of information.

•  All EU-Supply Support Staff vetted in full compliance with HMG Baseline     Personnel Security Standard and CNIP Screening Guidelines. Additional     screening applied to staff with access to information assets. No access       provided to any third party.

•  Annual penetration tests (OWASP and more) by independent accredited     parties.

•  Backups made “continuously” through live feed and data stored in a           remote DR hosting Centre (also these assets accessible by EUS only).



CTM is configurable to be compliant with each client’s procurement procedures (threshold etc.) CTM also meets the requirements of an effective audit and time stamping of documents and versioning control.

The CTM platform is already proven to meet a large number of EU Member States’ requirements for electronic procurement solutions as well as relevant international standards in the field. For example; full compliance with current and guaranteeing compliance with future EU directives, national legislations and it is ‘future proven’ to standards piloted in PEPPOL i.e. for on-line validation of digital certificates and transfers of e-catalogues between pre-award and post-award. CTM has been independently audited to be compliant with EU directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC.


Allowing changes by online configuration means that partners can adapt the solution to better meet their requirements and, at the same time, all partners get the latest releases and improvements funded by all our business operations, thus avoiding all residual risks otherwise present in any bespoke code line.

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Complete Tender Management

for Humanitarian Organisations


Source and Tender  —  Evaluate and Award    All from one platform


All humanitarian organisations are able to subscribe to Global eSourcing’s comprehensive procurement and contract management tool.


Kindly contact us via email on

This is free of charge for humanitarian organisations.

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